Lauren’s 4/9/14 Food Diary

Hi guys! Today was going well and then I had a diet/detox fail.

Breakfast -
Pb banana

Lunch -
Small bowl of raisin bran with almond milk

Dinner -
I made Italian Pear Chicken but my husband showed up with pizza. I had two pieces and feel so guilty. Ugh.

Exercise -
My migraine is still lingering so I stuck with low impact and did more Pilates. You don’t stand up at all. It’s freaking fantastic.. fitness blender Pilates I know I need to get back on my cardio game but I just love a workout that involves laying down.

Also I took my son on a half hour “nature walk” through a local park I love!


Lauren’s 4/8/14 Food Diary

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday to you! My migraine is still lingering around. I think it’s sinus related but either way my face feels like it could explode. Ugh.

“Hello Gorgeous” morning tea
Whole wheat “light” English muffin.

Lunch -
Banana with pb
8 oz of naked mango juice

Work snack -
Coffee with almond milk
Wegmans crunchy bar

Dinner -
Honey lime chicken
1/4 c applesauce

After dinner snack -
A few tortilla chips
“Goodbye Cherry Pie” tea. This one tastes much better than the morning tea but has natural laxative ingredients so I hope I don’t crap myself in my sleep.

Exercise -
Since my head hurt I wanted to do something without a lot of jumping around and found a good 1/2 hour Pilates video I really liked.
fitness blender Pilates

Julia’s 4/7/14 Food Diary

Hi everyone!

Haha Lauren and I both decided to fall off the planet together. Thankfully like Lauren I have kept my weight in check but I haven’t been as good about working out. I did have a nice run this weekend though and Lauren just told me about a Pilates work out that sounds do-able as I travel to California this week. Here’s the run down for my Monday!

1 cup green monster smoothie

1 cup green monster smoothie (I had planned to have 2 cups for breakfast and a salad at lunch but it was super filling!)

Spaghetti squash shrimp scampi. It was my first time trying spaghetti squash and I loved it! Hooray for more healthy dinner options!

I am so proud of Lauren for taking on the commitment of the cleanse she just posted about! Something like that takes great determination and dedication and I know she’s got the grapes to get it done! You go lady!!

Shine on!

Lauren’s 4/7/14 Food Diary

Hi guys! Sorry for falling off the face of the earth but I’ve been super busy and super exhausted. But luckily other than a few bad days I’ve maintained my weight loss (somehow).

Other than that I’ve started a detox that is supposed to help re-set my taste buds. Here is the link if you’re interested. Skinny Fox Detox If you use the promo code “cure” you get 10% off and some of the proceeds go to breast cancer. It’s all natural and you drink one tea every morning and another tea every other night. You still eat but limit dairy, sugar, dark meat, proceeded foods, fried food, white bread/pasta/rice and alcohol and drink a shit ton of water.

I am only on day one. I thought dairy would be the hardest but I found in fact it’s finding foods that aren’t processed!!! Last night Julia suggested it sounded like a paleo diet and I may try to find some paleo snacks!

Banana with pb

Lunch -
Whole wheat “light” English muffin

Work snack -
Coffee with almond milk no sugar
Crunchy bar

Salsa chicken

I think I was supposed to drink my night tea but at work I got a horrific migraine that turned into me laying in bed crying and trying to convince my husband not to take me to the ER. I’m not sure what caused the migraine but I think tomorrow I’m going to try to eat more

Exercise – (the detox recommends 30 mins of exercise)
I did a tabata/abs workout from fitness blender. I forgot to save the link :(

Lauren’s 3/28/14 Food Diary

Hi guys! Not much happening so I’ll just jump in!




A banana with peanut butter
1/2 c of mango naked juice. This stuff is so good but you have to watch out because they contain a lot of sugar and the actual serving size is only like 8oz

Dinner -
1 hot dog on a bun. Dinner didn’t look appetizing and I had hot dogs left over from the 3 day diet.

Snack -
Small bowl of pretzels
1 bite of cheesecake

Exercise -
I actually did some!

45 mins and 500 cals down!
Good ol fitness blender is back!

I ran 1.32 miles. It was like an 11:57 min mile which isn’t very fast. But I did it! >

Lauren’s 3/27/14 Food Diary

So the 3 day diet is over and, like Julia I lost 5lbs. 5lbs in 3 days is pretty legit in my opinion – especially because I didn’t always stick to the diet and I didn’t exercise. I’m down 14lbs which is pretty exciting. Hopefully this downward trend keeps going!

So recently at our house we started a new behavior chart for the kids where depending on how they do during the week they get to pick out a special prize. My daughter’s prize for last week was “fancy dinner night” where she got to pick out everyone’s clothes and the menu and we ate out in the dining room in candlelight. I knew her menu was not going to be helpful to my weight loss so I tried to conserve my calories in the beginning of the day to make up for later.

Breakfast -
Banana berry smoothie with almond milk. (The almond milk tasted gross in this smoothie and unforunately I made 4.)

Lunch -
6 saltines. I wasn’t ready hungry at lunch time. (Go figure because on the 3 day diet I was ready to eat my freaking arm off.)

Dinner (get ready for it) -
2 small mozzarella sticks
1/2 a piece Applesauce BBQ chicken
1 biscuit with margarine and garlic
1/4 c of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mac and cheese
3 pieces of honeydew
2 carrots
1 bite of Wegmans cheesecake. I wanted to eat the whole thing it was so good. I’ve never had cheesecake that fantastic. I kept it together and only had one bite though. Sadly I had to watch my husband eat half of it by himself. I am not joking. And what’s even sadder is that he probably will weigh less tomorrow for some sick reason!!!!!!

Exercise -
I should have done some but didn’t. I had to drag the kids on a bunch of errands today and it exhausted me. #excusequeen

Julia’s 3/27/14 Food Diary

Well we made it through the 3 day diet and we both lost 5lbs! Now our goal is to keep it off and keep moving forward. What I liked about the 3 day diet is it helps me be more conscious about what I’m eating and how large portions should be. It’s amazing how many calories can be in stuffed in some foods and I feel like this helped open my eyes a bit. Here’s the run down for my first day off of the 3 day diet!

Omelet made with one egg, 2tsp salsa and a sprinkle of cheese, 1/2 grapefruit and black coffee

Exercise (yay!)
Put on a hoodie and ran outside for 2 miles, 30 push-ups, 30 bicycle crunches, 15 tricep dips, 3 30sec planks, 20 squat & 5lb bicep curl combos, 20 lunge & 5lb overhead presses on one leg, 20 lunge & 5lb side lifts on the other

1c cantaloupe with 1.5c vegetable soup


Spinach salad with 3oz chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot and 1tbsp Caesar dressing

1 small glass Cabernet

All in all it was a great day! I feel accomplished :-) I hope you do too! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Shine on,